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mère et l'enfant

Why Be Family?

Be Family contributes in building the world of tomorrow, by engaging organisations on the path towards a sustainable economy, which serves the well-being and interest of everyone and the future generations.


We want to shift the paradigm, from families adapting to companies to companies adapting to families. Our aim is to make companies and all organisations more inclusive with regards to families and to progress over time to contribute to SDGs 4, 5, 6, 8 and 16.

Be Family objective is to create standards, identify new trends from on-the-field studies and research, propose new laws and policies, offering tools and programs to assess and improve practices, in compliance with legal contexts and cultures.

Our ultimate goal is that companies and organiations understand that considering work and family life balance will positively impact the society, make it more inclusive and benefit to companies by retinaing their talents, win employees' loyality and recruit new talents. It will also help them formalise their social goals and contribute to make SDGs progress.

We act at international level by creating a movement co-built with companies, NGOs, institutions, governments from different geographies to change mindsets and systems.

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